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Expands with a New Office in Chicago

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Reel Energy Entertainment with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago was founded by award winning feature film director Asif Ahmed and is a full service production company. Asif and his team bring a diverse portfolio of talents conceiving, writing, producing and directing feature films, commercials, music videos, television and documentaries. Reel Energy is created by merging an extensive career in Hollywood and leveraging these talents to produce video content for brands, agencies, social media, local businesses, museums, political campaigns, non-profits, and NGO's. Reel Energy Entertainment has produced more than 50,000 videos nationwide.


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We are natural storytellers and will bring your idea to life. Our visual inclinations deliver engaging, experiential content and we can produce video, design 3D animations or live produce 4D real world experiences. Virtual reality, augmented reality, we take any idea from concept to execution. We collaborate and guide our corporate clients while also continuing to produce and direct commercial films for various entertainment channels.



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When a still image says it all. Our team covers all events, festivals, cultures and the environment. Delivering images instantly to social channels or for full gallery installations. Visit our complete photo gallery

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Its always about story. Piecing together a collection of images and words to engage.

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