Petra’s Playground

Entertainment – Web Series

About the project

The world is your playground. Petra’s Playground is a travel show for kids and their parents hosted by 7 year old Petra Ahmed who has already traveled to 6 continents and 31 countries. Petra is a global citizen with an appreciation for new cultures, ancient sites, landmarks, and animals possessing an unbridled sense of adventure. Petra will take viewers to amazing sites and landmarks but will turn up the action with free diving in world famous reefs, rock climbing, sand boarding, skiing, and more. Petra is fearless!

Each episode will explore a new destination where Petra will entertain and educate viewers. Viewers will view these destinations through the innocence and wonder of a child’s eyes, understanding geography, the environment, while meeting local people and children. The episode pops with animation which will aid in educating kids while adding another layer of immersion. In each episode Petra highlights ‘The 5 Senses’ a child will experience: see, hear, taste, touch, smell.

The series will evolve over time with on screen interviews and deeper understanding of new cultures and food as well as the need to preserve our environment for future generations.

Created by Asif Ahmed
Animation Producer Erika Swanson

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